08/22/17 02:46AM
Favorite Pokemon?
If you have a favorite Pokemon, what is it?

One of mine is Braixen, just because I like foxes.
08/22/17 10:53AM
One of my favorite Pokemon is the base Porygon. I just really like his jagged look.
08/22/17 01:44PM
mine has to be darkrai, used to farm exp off the elite four back when i used to play
08/22/17 01:52PM
yeah i guess it is but hey quickest way to level up also most of my other pokemon were level 100 including my mewtwo
08/22/17 04:28PM
mine is gardevoir, ponyta and lopunny.
08/22/17 06:57PM
Gardevoir and Bayleef, yea and also Lapras. Snivy too.
08/26/17 05:53AM
Darkrai, Lucario, Gardevoir and Delphox
08/26/17 06:28AM
Magikarp/Gyarados, Noctowl, Walrein, Lucario, Musharna and Pangoro.

I'd have to say my favorite evolution chains are Meowth - Persian, Houndour - Houndoom, Poochyena - Mightyena, Piplup - Prinplup - Empoleon, Lillipup - Herdier - Stoutland and Inkay - Malamar.

Haven't played seventh gen.
08/28/17 07:25PM
pika pika pickachu!
10/10/17 09:11PM
My favourite is Blastoise.
10/11/17 10:35AM
Male Primarina.~ But I adore them all anyway. 'w'
12/17/17 04:25PM
In terms of attractiveness, female Gardevoir. In terms of practicality and coolness, I am stumped.
03/10/18 04:46AM
We're talking just the creatures here, not the humans, Right?
03/10/18 04:58AM
Szalinski said:
We're talking just the creatures here, not the humans, Right?

Ehh..sure. Not in Anthro form, just regular.
03/30/18 06:45AM
Seedot master race

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